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Wainbody Wood (& Kenilworth Road strip)- OK to park in Abberton Way IF you have told Mike your car registration number and then been given the notice to display for your vehicle.



Tools with sharp blades
Tool instruction to be given to any new member or participating groups.
Gloves should generally be worn except when using a swinging tool. If the tool is “one-handed” the other hand can be gloved.
When tools are not in use they should be placed flat on the ground where they can easily be seen.
Care should be taken when sharpening.
Slips, trips and falls
Care should be taken on muddy ground, also when there are brambles, roots, rabbit holes, badger sets etc)
Anyone falling whilst carrying a tool should try and throw it down
Extra care should be taken by rivers & canals. A throw line should be available if working by deep water.
Personal injury
Take care when lifting & carrying. Share heavy loads or use a wheelbarrow / trolley. Avoid trapped fingers when handling heavy timbers. Always wear steel-capped boots.
In areas where litter exists or when litter-picking, be extra careful of discarded needles. Treat these with extreme caution and do not handle with bare hands.
Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease)
Clean hands before eating. Avoid water contact if open wounds / recent scratches exist.
Eye damage

Take care when working amongst thorn bushes, holly etc. Protect eyes with goggles or safety glasses. 

Insurance information

Zurich Municipal will meet the compensation that one is legally liable to pay for personal injury or damage to property belonging to others, including legal costs.  The negligent act is covered whether a Committee Member, Director, Trustee or Volunteer commits it.  The policy operates in respect of all activities that we have told Zurich Municipal (via TCV) about.

Can anyone use chainsaws on the project when we have paid for the chainsaw insurance?
Yes, but only operators with a valid TCV Chainsaw Permit are insured to use a chainsaw under our TCV insurance.

Can we have bonfires?
The insurance covers us for small bonfires to burn cuttings, which are a result of our conservation activities. We must carry out a risk assessment. 

Are subcontractors covered byTCV insurance?
Only if they are working voluntarily (paid expenses only-we would expect expenses to be no more than £50). If they are being paid they will need to have their own insurance cover.

Are we covered for administering first aid?
Yes, public liability extends to cover first aid whether qualified or not. It would not be a person’s intention to do harm.


Are battery powered or mains rechargeable screwdrivers and drills considered power driven?

No, they present a lower level of risk. Only engine, mains, petrol or generator driven hand held equipment is considered power driven- however we are covered for these, but just John C for the chainsaw.

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