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Hedgelaying revision needed or just a reminder on how to do it?  Look  below the mileage tables in Members area.



Would you like to be out in the open or woods one or two days a week, and ...

Cut a tree down and then cut it up.

Light a fire in the open when it's snowing and all around seems to be wet wood.

Dig a hole for a pond, Lay a hedgeRepair a stone wall, Build a habitat stack.

Cut down bramble, Coppice a Hazel growth, Identify an ash tree, Build a bridge, 

Instal footpath finger posts, and many other things -

look at the Calendar page to see where we have been and 

then come and give us a helping hand

Click on any picture to run in your own time

Working to conserve the woodlands and open spaces of Coventry & Warwickshire

This is the home page of Warwickshire Conservation Volunteers
We are a group of 10+ volunteers who work in various locations in Warwickshire and many woods in Coventry. Our usual working parties are on Wednesdays with some Thursdays, meeting together and ready to go at about 10.30. We mostly provide our own tools, but have spare.
We do :- hedgelaying, coppicing, stonewalling, ditches, planting, paths, undergrowth, meadows, ponds, fencing........

If this sounds interesting come and try - lunch, old clothes, and boots are the basic requirements. Travel expenses can be paid.

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